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A brief history...


Inhabited since the Roman era, Baronville was first a lordship meant to protect the Voise Valley.

During the Hundred Years War, Baronville was liberated from English occupation by the troops of Joan of Arc.

In 1623, the Montescot family built a "chateau de plaisance" on the site of the original fortress. This passed into the hands of the Lattaignant family through marriage; the earldom of Baronville was then acquired in 1783 by the Marquis d'Aligre, the President of the Parisian parliament, whose family had a strong influence on the development of the region.

In 1868, his great grandson the Marquis de Pomereu d’Aligre demolished the original chateau in order to build the current one, to host grand parties during the luxurious Second Empire.


During the 20th century, the chateau lived through the trials of war and military occupations, until the Count and Countess Bertrand de Rougé, descendants of the previous owners, started restoring the chateau and decided to open it mainly to romantic weddings.

It is now owned by their son and his wife Count and Countess Aymeric de Rougé, who are passionately restoring and preserving this historic estate, in their family for now two and a half centuries.

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